Wednesday, 27 February 2008


After a break of nearly four months, Alec. better known as ONESOLO has returned to the Hotsnapz fold.
"How come we never did any dirty pictures before?"
"You know, those hot sweaty images you're known for?"
Oh THOSE! Well I'll swap. I'll do those if you do me sum mad fashiony stuff!
And thats where today's update started.
Alec is 25 and comes from Bristol. At 6'2" hes a big strapping lad with a gentle nature and from our very first shoot, nearly two years ago, we got on like a house on fire. He could also be classed as one of my regular models..we've dun quite a few shoots together including two for YogaNu..a yoga instruction handbook.
Welcome back Alec....and you can see more of his work..or even book him as a model at


patric said...

very nice alec! and great photography again hotsnapz!

kappyqueens said...

Always surprising Simon. Excellent work.
Kisses from Javi.