Saturday, 7 February 2009

...SAM.....IS HUGE

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SAM caused quite a stir last Christmas on the Hotsnapz greeting card and I received a lot of requests then to do a follow fourteen months he is!!
A personal trainer and part time model, Sam is one of the biggest guys you're likely to bump into, and when you pick yourself up off the floor you realise that he really is huge.
Over six feet tall and nearly as wide he often has a massive grin on his face to show he's not mean at all...well not all the time.
I think he looks pretty good whatever his expression.
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LUCIEN said...

BLESS you for this MAN among men . More of SAM is essential for showing true real and solid VIRILITY

Anonymous said...

Yesm ore of Sam PLEASE!!! And re-post that first pic of him on a Xmas card, it cannot be downloaded.

LUCIEN said...

I re-look at him often - Jesus he is erotic and tough

Ted said...

PLEASE!! More!! I'm begging you!

He is gorgeous!

Seriosly, where can we find more pictures of Sam?

Anonymous said...

Incredibly Hot Man, not only Huge
but Amazingly Awesome / he's
surely one of the most Stunning
guys I saw in years ...
and Ooohhhh those eyes ...!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, real sexy men.

a want see more pics of him!

Lee said...

Simon... words fail me.

Just WOW!

Tag said...

PLEASE MORE MORE MORE and less clothing on this STUD-GOD

Anonymous said...

Avec ou sans barbe Sam au travers de ces superbes photos dégage force ,beauté ,sensualité et virilité .....Quel culturiste !!!!! Jean