Sunday, 16 August 2009


AT 24 years old JERRY E has everything..The Looks, The Body..and his very own Gym!
No I dont mean the abs bench thrown into the only space in the spare room, this one is the real McCoy.

With a growing membership and a second gym in the planning stage, Jerry could sit back and enjoy the rewards... but that's just not Jerry. He's a human dynamo who cant work enough to keep him happy. And he's not content with just owning two gyms, he's now embarked on a modelling career that has already taken him all over the UK.
So next time you feel exhausted after your own training session, spare a thought for Jerry, he's probably in the middle of a shoot after spending eight hours in the gym.


DA-FUN said...

Great pictures and blog keep it up!! You are on my list of faves....

I hope you like mine

phenix said...

Vraiment ce mec il est trop beau je suis tout disposer a me mariƩ avec lol